$20 BILLION in unclaimed money sitting in government coffers waiting to be claimed. (Sources: ASIC, ATO 2015)

Imagine being reunited with hundreds, thousands, or even ten of thousands of dollars in cash that you never knew you had! 

AUSTARR reunite people with their money.  We specialise in the search, recovery and restitution of lost monies alerting individuals and businesses to the fact that they have unclaimed money and assisting them in its recovery.

AUSTARR is a privately owned Australian business registered with ASIC.

AUSTARR is the acronym for Abandoned & Unclaimed & STrayed Assets Recovery and Restitution.

Unclaimed money (sometimes referred to as abandoned or lost) are accounts in financial institutions and companies that have been lying dormant with an institution for a certain period of time, and after the statutory period of time, become unclaimed.

Essentially, money is handed over to the government as un-recovered funds because a company or a person due to death, liquidation, forgetfulness or plain neglect – will leave money in an institution – untouched.

Most of the assets we locate aren’t found using the internet and it is unlikely that you will ever be notified of their existence. The agency holding your funds may ultimately keep them if you do not claim them. They are the ones who ultimately benefit if a claim is NOT made.

If you do not take action unclaimed monies become consolidated revenue.  Once this has occurred, the process of recovery involves confronting excessive red tape with myriads pitfalls and complying with stringent requirements. When unclaimed monies become consolidated revenue, your chances are slim to none.

Leverage our expertise and let us help you claim what is rightfully yours!